Monday, April 16, 2007

Uh, oh. Mama made my dress too big!

IMG_0651.JPG, originally uploaded by Ladymama.

Here is the infamous anouk pinafore. I don't think she'll be wearing it until she's walking. It's really cute, and the yarn is so soft. Click on the photo to see more shots of it at my flickr account.


Little Sesame said...

Hi Ivy, this is just so cute! And thanks for dropping by with your lovely comments.

Kristy said...

this problem is all to familiar around here -- i crocheted a dress for eva (from a cool 1960s pattern her great-grandma gave me), but i scoffed at my gauge issues, until it became clear my toddler will be lucky to wear this thing to her first day of kindergarten. oops. oh well, not like it's going out of style. :)

love the dress, and ivy will be wearing it before you know it.