Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Curse of the JoJoland Socks

Did I have to rip out the first foot because I made the heel-flap too big, creating a sock wide enough for Hagrid? Yes. Did I re-knit that foot and get it right? Yes. Did I do the exact same thing as I knit the other sock? Yes. ("Did you use the same needles?" my husband asked. No. But they were the same size!) Did the second sock also come out wide enough for both of my feet? Almost. Did I fail to notice this until I was two rows away from sewing the seam at the toe? Yes. So, my friends, did I have to rip out the foot of the second sock and begin to re-knit it? Yes. After Karli's help determining that my husband was correct- using a different set of double-pointed needles from the first sock resulted in my knitting slightly more loosely, which added up to a wider sock. Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Did I cry? No. Did I throw the sock in the trash can on top of eggshells and coffee grounds? No. I sucked it up. I chose to embrace knitting as a discipline. I chose to humbly learn my lesson and resume my daily work. Did I lose one of my needles last night while I was humbly doing this work? Yes. Do I have a replacement? No. See what I mean about the curse?

So this is what I made this week, when I was not so inspired to finish that f-ing sock.

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