Sunday, June 17, 2007

2nd Pair of Wool Soaker Shorties- Wasabi!

Wool soaker shorties, originally uploaded by Ladymama.

This picture is kinda blurry, so I'll be sure to get some of the Bun wearing them up here soon. I improved this pattern by shortening the ribbed waistband, changing the position of the drawstring, and most importantly adding a gusset for the crotch. I definitely feel that I changed the pattern enough to call it my own. Yay!

The Cheetos shorties (the orange ones), are kind of worthless, as the pattern was intended for pants, and there is not enough covering in the crotch to prevent leaks. I would rip them back and fix that part, but I since I dyed the actual finished shorts and not the yarn, I don't have any left. Lessons learned.

These were knit with Cascade 220 in a color that I am referring to as Wasabi. The legs are really cute. I embellished the ribs with embroidered daisies.

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