Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shorties revised

Shorties revised, originally uploaded by Ladymama.

These are the finished product. Cristin taught me how to make the twisted drawstring, so I didn't have to do an i-cord. For my next pair, I plan to thread the drawstring higher up on the waistband so there isn't such a big amount of ribbing going up Ivy's waist. I will also make the rise 18 inches instead of 20, and a wider, gusseted crotch. The pattern only calls for 4 stitches in the crotch!?! I think I did 8 anyway, but that combined with the inseam isn't wide enough to cover the diaper when her legs are spread-eagled.

I hope to refine this pattern a bit and make a few to sell through my friend Katie's cloth diapering website

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